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Memories of a Teacher
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Some Teachers Leave a Lasting Impression On You 

Sometimes teachers play a important role in your life. I had one teacher who stands out from the rest of the teachers I have had. That teacher's name was Mr. Bradley. I still remember being in his class in Blue Point Elementary School. He had a warmth and kindness that not everyone has. He made learning so much fun. He would make jokes about things which made the students remember the facts about whatever we were studing at the time.He not only taught reading, writing, math, social studies and science but he also taught the students that it was okay to be themselves. Mr. Bradley made each of his students feel special. He got the school work done but did it with laughter. I still remember the Halloween parades that he was a part of. Each year he would dress up as something different. He not only taught me in the classroom. He also taught me and many of his students lessons that you really never learn in a classroom. He taught me one person could really make a difference in the way people see things.  Years after I left Blue Point Elementary School Mr. Bradley was diagnosed with AIDS. He taught a whole community that supported him about AIDS. In a time when most people who had AIDS where treated as a outcast, Mr. Bradley was hugged and treated the same way as he always was. He was treated with respect and admiration before and after he got the
disease. The whole community rally behind him and fought with him so that he could get a operation that Blue Cross was refusing to pay. Mr. Bradley won the court case but unfortunately it was to late to save his life.  Mr. Bradley acted the same way while he had this disease. He still did all his work and kept his sense of humor during this trying time. Even though Mr. Bradley only lived a short time he made a huge impact in a town called Blue Point. He taught me to be kind to others and that sometimes you have to stand up for what you beleive in. He is a teacher that will be missed by so many people.