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     Maria Montessai made plenty of changes to education. She was a progressive teacher. The main part of education that she made great strides in was working with the learning disabled children.
    According to Cheryl Duckworth, Maria Montessori believed taht children should be taught in a environment that is interestong and peaks the child's enthusiasm (2006, par.1). Shortridge shows that Maria Montessori felt that if children where interested in what they were learning then they would become intervals that would be able to control their actions, impulses and emotions (2007, par.31). Duckworth feels that, this type of environment makes it where a child enjoys school and wants to go to school(2006, par.6).
     Shortridge shows us that, Maria Montessari's philosophy was not the traditional philosphy at the time (2007, par. 30). According to Shortridge, Maria Montessori beleives taht schools should be student centered (2007, par. 30). montessori also beleives that it is up to the teacher to choose what will be accessible to the children to learn (2007, par. 30). Shortridge shows us tht, Montessori wanted children to learn every day rols in life like taking care of a household (2007,par. 32). Shortridge also reveals that, Maria Montessori felt that teachers should only interfere if the student was in danger of harming him or herself or someone else(2007, par. 30). Shortridge shows us that, Maria Montessori knew there was a difference in lawlessness and independence (2007, par. 31).According to Duckworth, Maria Montessori that teachers should concentrate on a child's emotional and knowledge of right and wrong (2006, par. 2). Duckworth write that, Maria Montessori beleived that from children working together and not in competition with one another they would learn how to get along peacefully in life (2006. par.2).
     Maria Montessori thinks that her method teaches children confidence, independence and critical thinking. According to Duckworth, Montessori's method makes kids use their imagination. This makes them think critically(2006,par.5). Duckworth also shows that, critical thinking needs imagination to help children solve future problems that they may ahve(2006,par.8).
     Montessori beleived that older and younger children should be in the same classes. According to Duckworth, in the Montessori style schools the older kids helped teach the younger students (2006, par. 17). This helps children learn how important cooperation is at a early point in their lives.
     Montessori had a great belief in spirituality.  Duckworth shows us that, Montessori beleived that moral education was one of the most important things to teach a child (2006, par. 4).  Duckworth also reveals that, Montessori beleived that children were moral and innocent (2006, par. 4). Duckworth shows us that, Montessori knew that peace and education went hand in hand(2006, par. 13). Smith reveals that, Montessori knew that each child was meant to be something special (2007. par. 6). Smith writes that, Montessori knew that each child no matter how handicapped posses a specil gift or talent that he or she has(2007, par. 4).
     Montessori felt that academics was not the most important thing for a child. Duckworth shows that, Montessori did not beleive that children should be graded just on how they do academically (2006,par.25). Montessori beleived that children should be assessed according to how they do socially and emotionally(2006, par.25) In fact Duckworth says taht, Montessori found taht emothional and social achievement was more important than how a child does academically (2006,par. 25). 
     Montessori had a stron belief in peace and having people know themselves before they teach. Smith shows this, by saying that we have to realize who we are before we can teach the Montssori way (2007. par. 7).  According to Duckworth, one of Montessori's main beleifs is that children should be taught by example(2006, par. 30). Duckworth shows people taht, if a child is bored the child is more likely to cause a disruption in class(2006, par. 27).
     Montessori had plenty of books published in a lot of countries describing her methods of teaching. Duckworth shows us taht, Montessori's teaching methods have been researched and that they have really been successful with children that have certain disabilities (2006, par 8).
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