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Dawn Evensen Teaching Portfolio

Self-Fulling Prophecy
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Self-Fulling Prophecy
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Maria Montessari
Finding Forrester

     There are many things that van be done to get yourself into The Education Hall of Fame.  The first thing that I did to get to the Education Hall of Fame was put the students needs first.I will explain how I taught the students.
     There are many things that can be done to to help students. One of the main things is to make the students realize that each one of them can make a difference in the world. Many of the students succeed if you make it where they know that each one of them makes a difference in the world.
     I have alot of skills that would help me get into The Education Hall of Fame.  I beleive one of the major skills is teaching students with compassion and understanding. Children learn by example. This is why I treat the students with respect and in a caring manner. This also teaches the students to be caring and respectful to one another.  The students that I have taught learned to stand up for what they beleive in. Even if it difficult at times.
     There are many different things that students need to learn. The most important thing to teach the students is to have a high self esteem. When the students have a higher self esteem they do better in school and in life. I feel this is the most important lesson that the students have learned. With teaching them about higher self esteem if makes them more productive in society and helps them make better choices for there future. The way I taught my students about self esteem is to listen to them and praise them whenever they needed it. Also to let each one of them know how special they trully are.
     There are many teachers that have taught me threw out my life. Some teachers taught me what I should do to become a great teacher.  Others showed me what I should not do to the students.

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