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     The educational philosophies that I follow are progressivism and social reconstruction.  According to Vansieleghem progressive education teaches students about critical thinking and the ability to speak clearly and effectively (2006, par 1).  Hoffman shows that social reconstruction philosophy is about solving social problems in the world (2006, par. 12).
     There are many things that make up Progressive classroom. According to David Miller Sadker, Pollack Sadker and Karen Zittleman, progressivism involves experiments being done in the classroom (2008, 324).  Progressivism also involves social interaction in the classroom (2008, 324). According to Hoffman, students learn by kinesics (2006, par, 9). Hoffman beleives that, progressive style teaching includes taking students on field trips outside the classroom (2006, par. 9).  According to David Miller Sadker, Myra Pollack Sadker, and Karen Zittleman, teachers do not just sit up in front of the classroom when using the progressivism philosophy (2008,324). Teachers walk around the classroom helping the different groups in the class (pg.324).
     There are alot of requirements to meet to make up a scoial reconstruction classroom. According to Hoffman, schools that use the social reconstruction philosphy do things to try to help society( 2006, par. 12)  Hoffman revealsthat, schools that teach using this philosophy beleive that speech and writing are the most important things for their students to learn (2006, par.12). Hoffman also shows that schools that use this type of curriculum think that social interaction among the children is really important (2006, par.12).  According to David Miller Sadker, Myra Pollack Sadker, and Karen Zittleman, schools using social reconstruction philosphy have their students do research projects (2008, pag. 325).
     There are many ways that the progressive style of philosophy could be used in a classroom. According to Hoffman, taking students on field trips helps students learn by the progressive style of teaching (2006, par.9). So If I was to teach how a courtroom works I would bring students to watch a court case at a court house. This makes it where the students remeber alot more than if they were sitting at a desk reading a book about court cases. I know thid works because I had a teacher in high school who brought the students to watch a court case and I still remeber the lessons that the teacher taught us on that trip. A way to bring kinesics into teaching is when teaching the students the parts of a flower give each student a flower. Then have each studentname the different parts of the flower. A trip that would help students learn from this style would be taking students to the aquarium. This woud help the students learn what lives in the sea or lakes or oceans.
     there are many ways the social reconstruction philosophy can be used ins chools. One of the things that can be done to tach students by using this philosophy is to have the students in the class write a play. This would help them learn how to write. After the students write the play they could act it out. this would help the students have more confidence when they hve to give speeches in the futrue, Another way to use this philosophy is to give the students a choice of either helping the elderly or the poor. The students could pick out what they want to do to help them. Some students could go to a nursing home. Other students could go to a soup kitchen or other students could have a fund raiser or food drive to help the poor.   After the students get done with this task I  would put them in different groups and have them do a reseach project about how to help the homeless or the elderly.
     Progressivism and socil reconstruction seem to be the philosphies that best fit my personality. The lessons that still stay in my mind are the ones that were taught using these styles. This style of learning has benefited me in many ways.
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